• Wonolo

When I was 5 years old, a nighttime tornado passed about a mile from my house. As I got ready for school the next morning, I heard the terms “tornado,” twister,” and “cyclone” on the TV news. Being 5 and not knowing any better, I went to kindergarten that day and drew my interpretation of what I thought a tornado, a twister and a cyclone looked like. And, from that day on, I was obsessed with tornadoes.

After a childhood spent reading about severe weather and peppering any meteorologist I encountered with questions about storms, I started haphazardly (and, in retrospect, recklessly) chasing tornadoes when I turned 16 and got my own car. Along the way, I found there were other people who, while not scientists, shared my interest in tornadoes (Hollywood even made a live action cartoon about them). As I got to know these guys, I realized that, in addition to our fascination with severe weather, we all shared the same ability and desire to drop our profession on a minute’s notice to pursue our passion.

Now, while I realize most Wonoloers don’t live in areas prone to tornadoes, you do have something in common with most storm chasers. That is, you have the ability to work when you want and you can still pursue your passion whenever the need arises or the muse beckons.

Everyone has their own unique passion in life, and Wonoloers are no different. There are actors, artists, entrepreneurs, and musicians. Many Wonoloers are also skiers, surfers, skateboarders, and singers. Others simply want the freedom to spend more time with their families or personal relationships. And, whether you want to catch a big wave or catch your kid’s school play, with Wonolo, you have the power to focus on what’s important to you and work when it’s convenient for you.

Planning your own work schedule isn’t the only flexibility available to Wonoloers. You also have the option to choose where you work. If you want to focus on pick and packing while avoiding retail work, you can. Have a preference for delivery gigs? Simply accept those opportunities and pass the others by. Just need some extra spending money? Then work the jobs you want, hit your goal and get back to spending time on what you really want to do.

Finally, if your profession is your obsession, Wonolo can help you pay the bills while you’re paying your dues. Want some extra money while working your way up from entry-level? Moonlight with Wonolo. Do you need to get paid while working an unpaid internship at your dream employer? Wonolo can help you cover your costs while you start climbing the company ladder. Whatever career goal you’re chasing in the corporate world, Wonolo can help you keep pace.

For me, things have changed and, while chasing storms is no longer a priority in my life, I’m still obsessed with tornadoes and I can still put work aside to pursue my passion whenever the opportunity arises. And, as a Wonoloer, you have the same potential to make your passion your priority. What are you chasing?