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Britt Miller

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As part of our ongoing series comparing Wonolo head-to-head with other recruiting and staffing options, today we’re looking at an app called JobStack. Before we get to the comparison, let’s look at the company and the app, its history, how it works, how it pays and what a JobStack Worker can expect.

JobStack is a mobile app provided by a national, industrial staffing firm called PeopleReady. Formally called “JobStack Worker” (to differentiate it from the employer-oriented “JobStack Customer” app), JobStack gives PeopleReady associates the ability to conveniently peruse local jobs that match their skills via their phone or tablet. Prior to the release of JobStack, PeopleReady announced available jobs by text notification, over the phone, or in person at one of the company’s branch offices.

PeopleReady (which was previously known as LaborReady) focuses on the areas of manufacturing/logistics, construction/skilled trades, transportation, general labor, hospitality, warehousing/distribution, waste/recycling, and the marine industries.

How Does JobStack Work?

To use JobStack, you first need to get registered as a PeopleReady Associate. Registration requires the creation of a profile, completion of a survey, and a visit to your local PeopleReady branch office for an in-person interview and safety review.

Once you’re registered, you can open the JobStack app, login using your phone number, and view available jobs in your area. The app also provides the option to receive job notifications via text. The jobs that appear in the app are based on your location and the skill set that one determines upon registering with PeopleReady. When you see a job that matches your preferences and skills, you simply swipe or tap the job to accept it. In addition, PeopleReady  says JobStack’s artificial intelligence can learn from each job you take via the app, so that it can better customize the jobs you see to fit your skills and lifestyle.

After you’ve accepted a job and it is approved by the local branch office, you receive additional information on where to go, what to bring and what to expect when you arrive. At that time, you will also be informed of pay rate and you can always decline a job for any reason.

What Does JobStack Pay, and How Do Payments Work?

While pay rates vary based on the job, most JobStack opportunities are general labor jobs that pay minimum wage or slightly higher.PeopleReady offers payment in the form of debit cards or direct deposit. The debit cards work just like credit cards and users are not required to have a bank account.

Is JobStack Legit? How Are The Reviews?

JobStack is a legitimate app provided by workforce solutions company PeopleReady, an established staffing firm with 625 branches in all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. A subsidiary of a publicly-held company called TrueBlue (NYSE: TBI), PeopleReady claims to connect more than 600,000 people with work every year. However, based on many of its reviews, the quality and pay of those jobs seems to depend on the skill level of the position and the branch that assigns the position. Overall, it appears that more skilled temp workers in fields such as construction, manufacturing, and logistics seemed to leave more positive reviews, while those working general labor positions appeared to be less enthusiastic about their PeopleReady (or LaborReady) job, co-workers, pay, and overall experience. The most notable complaint across all skill levels was PeopleReady’s lack of consistent work opportunities. Again, however, this seemed to vary based on one’s skill set and geographic location.

The reviews of the JobStack app itself are equally hot and cold, as many reviewers noted the app simply doesn’t work or doesn’t display the work opportunities that are available. While the ratio of 5-star to 1-star reviews of the Android version is about even, one reviewer (a six-year worker for PeopleReady) called the JobStack app “the worst thing possible since I’ve started working here and nothing but a fiasco.” Others complained of the constant need to call or visit the local branch office to have their ratings and skills updated. And, though the company’s online customer service appears to be fairly responsive, many reviewers say the app’s many flaws leave them calling or visiting the branch office to find jobs, which is what most PeopleReady associates users say they did before JobStack was introduced.

Wonolo vs. JobStack Head to Head

So, how does Wonolo stack up against JobStack as both a staffing platform and opportunity to earn extra money? Let’s compare the differences.

  • Pay Schedules – Wonoloers (Wonolo workers) are paid daily and payment is almost always made the day after the job has been completed. The Wonolo payment system offers Wonoloers the options of payment by direct deposit into a checking account or debit card.
    As PeopleReady associates, JobStack users must submit a daily payroll worksheet or weekly job ticket, electronically or via hard copy at their branch office, before they can be paid for their time. For the majority of the company’s jobs, you are paid weekly, though some can pay as soon as 24 hours after completion (others note you can be paid the same day). Payment is made via direct deposit or debit card.
  • Screening – PeopleReady’s application process does include a level of screening to ascertain one’s skill set. However, comments by many PeopleReady associates intimated that the company does not conduct vetting or background checks of its workers.
    The JobStack app allows users to rate an employer and vice versa. The company says that receiving more stars will result in a user being given more work opportunities. On the employer side, however, PeopleReady makes no mention of how workers’ ratings of an employer are utilized for use by potential workers.
    Wonoloers are subject to a comprehensive vetting process, so that each Requestor knows they’re getting on-demand staffing they can rely on. Further, Wonoloers can rate a company after each gig and Requestors can rate Wonoloers too. Wonoloers can see those ratings and thereby make an informed choice about each job they accept and higher ratings from employers means they’ll have access to even more jobs.
  • Interviewing and Onboarding – Use of JobStack requires one to become a PeopleReady associate and that requires a three step screening process. That process includes creating a profile, taking a survey to ascertain your skills, and completing paperwork in person at the nearest PeopleReady branch office. Once you have been approved as a PeopleReady associate, you are free to begin using JobStack.
    Wonolo requires onboarding via smartphone app, completing a quiz, and participating in an mentor call. Only after completion of the onboarding process can one begin using the Wonolo app
  • Pay Rates – In this case, JobStack and Wonolo are comparable. According to PeopleReady, as most of its jobs require basic skills, pay will vary from job to job, with most a few dollars above minimum wage. Using the San Francisco Bay Area as an example for Wonolo, Wonoloers can earn between $11 and $20 an hour, depending on the job.
    The difference comes with the fact the Wonolo lets the Requestor decide how much each gig will pay and the fees are transparent for all to see. In addition, given that Wonolo doesn’t have the overhead costs required to support branch offices across the country, Requestors benefit from a more consistent user experience and lower fees.
  • Availability – PeopleReady has offices in all 50 U.S. states, Canada and Puerto Rico (note, the JobStack is only available for users in the United States). However, the jobs available vary by location and, as evidenced by many of the complaints online, the jobs you see on JobStack may be limited by the subjective determination of your skills and competence by the local PeopleReady branch office. Further, many JobStack users complain that, even after “accepting” a job, it must still be approved by a local office and that jobs often disappear after they’ve been accepted.
    Though its footprint is smaller and it’s available only in select cities, Wonolo always has gig opportunities available. And, as Wonoloers are pre-screened, once a job is posted, it stays available until all the positions are filled and no further review is needed. There’s no waiting or approval and, once you’ve accepted a gig, you simply show up, do the work, rate the Requestor and get paid. No time sheets or job tickets are required
  • Promotions and Recognition – While your work may be noticed by a local branch employee or former employer, JobStack simply serves as a digital extension of a temp service with many offices and offers no framework for recognition or promotion opportunities. And, while the app does allow employers to rate your performance, it appears those ratings only influence the quantity and quality of jobs you receive on the app and doesn’t help you build a reputation with the company.
    Wonoloers are also rated by Requestors and those ratings not only help you get more jobs, but they are also on display so everyone can see the reputation you’ve earned for your hard work. In addition, those who display continued excellence earn achievement badges for their efforts and, depending on the company or gig, Wonoloers can also earn bonus pay.
  • Upward Mobility – Wonoloers are not Wonolo employees and are free to accept any permanent job offer at any time through their work with Wonolo.
    PeopleReady Associates can accept full-time positions with employers after completion of their temporary employment. However, depending on the job and the employer, PeopleReady may require Associates to work a minimum number of hours with a given customer before they can accept a permanent position with that company.
  • Technology – While the JobStack AI is designed to match jobs to workers’ skills and employer needs, it appears the largest flaw with the app is the human element. Jobs and credentials are entered into the JobStack system by the local branch office and, if that is done incorrectly or subjectively, workers may miss out on job opportunities and employers may not get the best workers for their job.
    Wonolo’s all-in-one, proprietary platform uses automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning designed to help Requestors get the best on-demand staff available. And, every Wonolo gig is open to every Wonoloer and always available at your fingertips, regardless of skill level, location, or experience.
  • On-Demand Staffing – JobStack does offer PeopleReady customers a convenient way to access an on-demand workforce. However, the fact that the company also offers the same jobs through their many branch offices, and the inconsistencies between those outlets, means that the JobStack app does not offer a consistent user experience, for either employers or workers. In other words, employers may not get the best staff available, JobStack workers may not have access to jobs that are right for them, and you may still have to visit the local office to be assigned work or to turn in a work sheet.
    The Wonolo app gives Requestors access to a true, pre-screened, on-demand workforce and a user experience that’s consistent from gig to gig. Plus, with one central office, working with Wonolo means you get the same dedication to quality customer service and workforce, every day, every gig, and every time you use the app.

Overall, though the company still operates as a traditional temp agency, the JobStock app does offer PeopleReady associates a convenient way to look for temp jobs that can eliminate waiting in the branch office all day to be dispatched on a gig. In addition, JobStack can also save time for PeopleReady customers who need convenient access to workers across a variety of industries.

Wonolo, on the other hand, isn’t just an add-on app for a traditional staffing agency. In fact, Wonolo’s on-demand staffing platform is designed to save businesses time and money by eliminating the hassle of traditional staffing and temp agencies. Plus, Wonoloers get immediate access to job opportunities, regardless of their skill. And, when you put it all together, whether you’re looking for work around your schedule, or you need to schedule staff in a hurry, the deck is stacked in Wonolo’s favor. And if you want the flexibility to work when you want, where you want, start working with Wonolo today!