• Wonolo

It’s that time of year so, if you’re graduating from high school or college soon, congratulations! At this point, I can guarantee two things. One, a commencement speaker will tell you (SPOILER ALERT!) to follow your dreams, your future is unlimited and you can conquer the world. Second, some commentator is going to ominously state how terrible the job market is for new grads and that you’re stepping into an uncertain economy. Fortunately, that’s where Wonolo can help!

Now, the Wonolo app can’t actually tell you what your future holds, what world you can conquer or how you can follow your dreams. But, whether you’re looking for a safety school or a safety net, Wonolo can help you graduate to the next step and find your place in the gig economy.

While plenty of people know exactly what they want to do after graduation, it’s natural for many students to leave high school or college still wondering what to do with their lives. Some choose to go to college, major in “Undecided” and find the career that’s right for them while in school. Others opt for a gap year to see what the world has to offer before they enter the “real world.” Some grads decide to get a job before they decide on a career. Or maybe you want to go to work after graduation to save money for another big step, whether it’s the next step in your education, marriage or simply your own apartment. Whatever step you choose, Wonolo can help you work when you want and earn extra income while you decide where you want to go in life.

If you’re looking for a career, Wonolo can help you get your foot in the door. Many former Wonoloers stepped straight into a full-time job after they demonstrated their education and experience while working as Wonoloers. Others use Wonolo to make money while keeping the flexibility to interview for jobs in their chosen field during their career search. And plenty of current Wonoloers use Wonolo to network, make connections and build their résumés while getting paid.

Now, if you want to get a foot out the door, whether it’s out of your parents’ house, earn extra money to buy a car, or to rent your own apartment, Wonolo can help with that step too. If you need money for a deposit, down payment, or to help save for college, working as a Wonoloer lets you take your first step into the world and schedule your work around your classes, primary job, or family commitments.

Finally, if you’re taking a step back from the real world, take Wonolo along. With a Wonoloer’s ability to choose when to work, you can take a gap year, a gap month, or a gap week, and still have job opportunities when you return. Or, if you want to focus on your art, music, acting, filmmaking, or an entrepreneurial project, Wonolo can help you pursue your passion and still pay the bills.

Stepping into the world after graduation can be scary, exhilarating and liberating. And, whether you’re making a giant leap into the real world or taking things one step at a time, Wonolo can help, every step of the way!