• Wonolo

Economy.jpgAs a player in this new economy, we all have a choice of the team(s) for which we want to play. But when your most valuable commodity is time, you can’t choose them all. So how do you decide to be a taxi driver, a delivery person, an artisan, a handyman, or a Wonoloer?

Simple – decide what it is you want to get out of it. Every sharing economy company offers the opportunity to work flexibly, make extra money, learn something new, and ultimately put the power in your hands. But what is your number one priority?

If above all you want to make the most cash-on-hand, consider picking up passengers through Uber or Lyft. Probably the highest potential per-hour earnings but don’t forget about car costs.

If maximizing your creativity is it, give something like Etsy a try and who knows, your creation may end up on someone’s wall someday.

At Wonolo, we like to position the opportunity to people who want to grow. By picking up jobs at different companies, you can grow your skill set, your resume, your network, and potentially grow into a full time job.

What is it that matters most to you? Make that decision, then make the dive and give it a try!