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Moonlighting is defined as “a second job, in addition to your regular employment.” An easy definition but, you fear, a not-so-easy feat?

Luckily, it is. Securing a moonlighting position is getting easier, whether you prefer to pull an hourly salary or strike out on your own as a moonlighting entrepreneur.

Of course, there are many opportunities out there: How do you boil it down to the top 10 moonlighting jobs? Well, to begin, we tried to focus on low-stress and/or flexible jobs (and preferably, both). Beyond that, we were concerned with how easy it is to mesh moonlighting hours with your existing schedule and shifts, as well as on jobs with higher entry-level pay.

Here goes:

1. Elderly Companion

Somewhere between total independence and assisted living, there’s an entire aging population that needs a little extra attention, but isn’t ready for skilled (and costly) in-home nursing care. As an elderly companion, it’ll be your job to visit with your clients, keep them company, attend to any day-to-day needs, and even run errands (example: drive them to the hairdressers, assist with grocery shopping, etc.)

Earning potential: $20+ per hour

2. Delivery Driver

Best Moonlighting Jobs - Delivery Driver

No matter your full-time schedule, something needs to be delivered when you’re not working. From flower delivery and pizza runs, to laundry supply and courier services, the delivery workforce is packed with part-time moonlighters. So, jump on board! Scan the local classifieds or sign up with on-demand and/or national delivery services – Wonolo is a great place to start – and start delivering, whenever you have free time.

Earning Potential: $10-$20+ per hour

3. Hotel Night Desk Clerk

Depending on the gig, this moonlighting job will either be high-stress or totally mellow. Set yourself up for the latter by applying at more remote and/or smaller hotels, not the big chains. Inns, bed & breakfasts, small hotels, hostels, campgrounds, and even boutique hotels typically have low volume during their night shifts, so your job responsibilities will likely involve answering the phones, late check-ins/early check-outs, sending housekeeping to replenish towels, and considerable downtime.

Earning Potential: $10-$15+ per hour

4. Bartender and/or Hostessing

If you’ve ever bartended, hostessed, greeted, or been in any way involved in the nightlight and/or food-service industry, you already have one foot in the door. Don’t let it close! Jump on board this money train because, as moonlighting jobs go, this is one of the most prevalent and easy to find, if you already have some experience. (Fair warning: It’s one of the higher barrier-to-entry opportunities on our list, though.)

Earning Potential: $10-$15+ per hour

5. Caterer’s Assistant

Best Moonlighting Jobs - Catering and Event Staffing

If bartending doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, but you do dig the idea of serving in your free time, look into the possibility of caterer’s assistant. Typically, these moonlighting gigs follow certain schedules – there’s a big uptick on weekends, so be aware – but in many areas (especially cities), there’s a lot of opportunity for event-specific/traveling servers, bartenders, coat-checkers, and other part-time event staff. Where to find event staffing gigs? Wonolo, of course.

Earning Potential: $10+ per hour

6. Beach or Pool Lifeguard

If you’re willing to get certified as a lifeguard, and you’re not height-averse (that lifeguard chair is high!), then consider signing on as a lifeguard to a community or neighborhood pool, or a local beach. Your job is important – keep an eye out for swimmers in distress and provide aid, when necessary – but for the most part, you’ll spend your moonlighting hours hanging out by the pool. And that’s not the worst way to make money in your off hours.

Earning Potential: $10+ per hour

7. Warehousing

If you’re in the warehousing or labor fields already, this can be an easy moonlighting position: Claim the graveyard shift or pick up some weekend hours, and you’ll be well on your way to making extra bucks. From stocking and picking, to assembling and shipping, part-time warehousing positions are available at all hours (and especially during the Black Friday-through-New Year’s seasonal spike). Sign up with Wonolo to secure shifts at a warehouse near you, when and where you want to work.

Earning Potential: $10-$15+ per hour

8. Local Tour Guide

If you’re looking to work smarter, not harder, then consider signing on as a local tour guide with sites like Airbnb ExperiencesShiroubeToursByLocals, and Vayable. For an average $50+ an hour, you can spend a few hours a month showing tourists around your city or hometown. Pro tip: Focus your tours on specific passions, like food & wine, local history, or ghost stories, and watch traveler interest shoot up.

Earning Potential: $50+ per hour (note: low total hours)

9. Dog Walker

Did you know that doggie daycare can cost up to $550 a month? No wonder many pet-parents prefer the convenience of at-their-door dog walkers. If you like to stay active during your moonlighting time, this can be a great opportunity: Grab some dog treats, spread the word, and soon you’ll be walking your way to some extra income.

Earning Potential: $10-$15+ per hour

10. Freelance Blogger & Writer

Never thought you could write for a living? Think again. With websites like Freelancer.comGuru, and Upwork, your life experience is your calling card. Look for companies that need writers in a field you know well – warehousing, merchandising, labor, etc. – and then, get writing. Remember, your writing skills can always improve (practice, practice, practice!) but few writers will ever have the expertise you already do.

Earning Potential: $15-$20+ per hour

The truth is that there are many moonlighting opportunities out there. Our best advice: Consider what you like to do. You don’t want to get off a long shift, only to dread your moonlighting job. So, take into account your interests and abilities, and the money will follow.


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