Britt Miller

Britt Miller

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Wonolo wants to take some of the stress of running a business off your plate. Our Wonoloers are the people who can help make that happen. Finding last-minute, on-demand staff for your growing and busy company can be a challenge — but that’s exactly where we step in.

Staffing agencies are abundant nowadays but Wonolo is different. We’ve disrupted the traditional staffing experience and taken it into 2017. There’s nothing more frustrating as a business owner or manager than having a lack of staff to get the job done professionally and efficiently. Whether it’s due to a spike in your sales/volume (happy problems!) or maybe just a no-show worker or two (not so fun) — a lack of hands on deck can cause some serious and unnecessary stress. Wonolo has you covered. We’ve rounded up an impressive group of people (aka Wonoloers) who are there for you, when you need them. No, really — they can be there to help within the hour.

We’re like proud parents when we say Wonoloers are the cream of the crop. They come from a wide-range of backgrounds, they are skilled, and they are ready (and want) to work. They are like the reliable neighbor next door you can always count on for a last-minute favor — but for your business. Wonolo has pre-screened every Wonoloer with background checks, skill set evaluations, and more. Your business can rest easy knowing that the Wonoloer that shows up to work is a perfect match for the task at hand.

One of the best things (on our very long list) about Wonoloers is their drive and motivation to succeed. We’ve made sure that on-demand Wonoloers available to you are the types of people you have zero doubts or skepticism about the moment they step inside your business to work. If they succeed, you succeed — and in turn, we are all in for the win. At the end of the day, it’s important to us that everyone involved in the Wonolo on-demand staffing experience is elated and totally satisfied.

Take Memebox, for example — they provide awesome Korean skin care to people around  the world via subscription boxes and it’s own line of products. Staffing warehouse workers that could fulfill orders within 24 hours was proving to be a struggle. The company was growing and their warehouse staff couldn’t keep up. According to Minnie Fong, Head of E-Commerce for Memebox: “Wonolo has been a great partner for Memebox. Working with them has allowed us to be flexible as our business has grown by leaps and bounds. We can now grow faster because we can fulfill our demand.” Amazing, right?

Unlike traditional staffing agencies, Wonolo doesn’t just place people in a job for the sake of filling that slot. We make sure that Wonoloers not only want the job that’s available to them but are excited about it. Wonoloers have a choice in the jobs they’re offered — ensuring it’s a job that fits their skills, their schedule, and their personal needs. Satisfaction for both the Wonoloer and the requesting business are priorities for Wonolo. We want to make sure that we’re the trusted resource for everyone involved.

Wonolo prides itself on being open and communicative with Wonoloers and the businesses requesting their services to make sure no questions are unanswered and every need is fulfilled. We understand how vital an open and constant communication channel is to a business as well as to the individuals making that business run smoothly. A majority of Wonoloers (83%!) appreciate that our support is comprehensive and very responsive — transparency is crucial. So much so that Wonolo aims to create a sense of accountability and motivation for both parties using a 2-way rating system. This allows both the Wonoloer and the business to leave feedback about their experience. If you’re especially pleased by the work done — create a team of Preferred Wonoloers through the Wonolo platform to easily post your next job to people that are a perfect fit.

Unpredictability is, well, predictable. It can definitely be hard to manage at times. The labor force shouldn’t be one of those hard-to-manage things. We’ve made sure that you can be flexible should you need to account for any unexpected absences or surges in the daily demand for work. Wonolo makes this aspect of running a business practically stress-free  — when you hire a Wonoloer, you can be confident that the job will be knocked out of the park.

In a world full of Uber, on-demand food delivery, and anything else you can imagine at your fingertips in minutes — fast, reliable, and on-demand staff just makes sense.