Wait a second. This so-called Future of Work thing, how futuristic could it be if we’ve been doing it for pretty much ever? And why is there so much hesitation if we are all so used to the analog version? Let me give you some examples of how we are doing the so-called analog on-demand staffing everyday.

Ex 1: You’re cooking dinner. You get a little extra confident on your chef knife wielding skills. You slice open a thumb. Dinner’s ruined, and more importantly, so is your thumb unless you get that taken care of immediately. What do you do? You decide it isn’t ambulance-worthy so you make a choice to either go to an ER or an Emergency Clinic – maybe you even call to see how long the wait is in each before you hop in a car to make your way over there. You get there, a nurse sees you, stitches you up, applies bandages, and if the thumb mishap hadn’t ruined your evening, the nurse sticks you with a bill that certainly does. You don’t know who this nurse is, what their credentials are, or if they have ever dealt with a sliced up thumb. But you’ll take the help you can get because you need that help on-demand.

Ex 2: You need to go out partying tonight. Oh wait, you have kids and they aren’t going to put themselves to bed. You need a babysitter, stat. What do you do? You call your regular sitter and find out she is unavailable? Now what? You call friends trying to get leads on another babysitter who can come in last minute to help you out. You have never met them, know nothing about them other than a friend’s recommendation, and yet you are more than willing to have this stranger be responsible for your children – as long as they can show up on-demand.

Ex 3: You’re late for a meeting. You really need to get termpapersworld.com there on time and you decide the best option is to take a cab. You walk out onto the curb and attempt to hail a cab. In other words, you stick your hand in the air. The first one that stops, wins your business. (If only all sales were that easy…) You don’t know anything at all about that cab driver other than they showed up in a yellow car with a meter (hopefully) in it before any of the other yellow cars did.

In each of these situations, if we think about them, we are trusting a stranger so much so that we are putting our lives in their hands. We spend minutes deliberating about what shoes to wear, hours considering at which Italian restaurant to eat, days on what movie to watch, and weeks on what color countertops to install. Yet, while watching the wrong movie might be a waste of $15, picking the wrong babysitter or cab driver? Let’s not even think about the repercussions.

But that’s what we do. When we need help immediately, we take what we can get. So, why are we so hesitant to do so at work? Have a need for a person – find someone on-demand. Employee didn’t show up? Too much work to handle by the existing staff? Bring in a pre-vetted, capable, ready and willing Wonoloer to do the job. Unlike the cab driver or babysitter, you feel confident knowing that Wonolo has your back – we’re there if you need us, insuring the Wonoloers that save the day are quality workers that you might bring onboard if you had weeks to interview.

This all gets billed as the Future of Work by many (including us) because it allows simplicity, variety, speed, and most importantly, flexibility – all by using technology and algorithms to do what we’ve been doing in an analog way in other parts of our lives for hundreds of years. This isn’t a revolution, this is evolution. And it’s about time it came to the workplace.

No wonder companies like Uber for cabs, Urbansitter for babysitting, and Heal for doctors are out there – because you should always get a pre-vetted, company backed person when you need someone on-demand. Same for you business – so next time you could use some help at your company, give Wonolo a try for on-demand talent.