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More Weddings Gone Wrong: The Perils of Poor Seating Arrangements

Yesterday, we considered the ill-fated wedding of Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell. But they weren’t the only ones who had their share of issues on their big day.

The same preventative measures, enabled by the on-demand economy, could have also saved the day for Edmure Tully’s and Roslin Frey’s wedding. Feeling sympathy for King Rob, his wife, and his mother Catelyn Stark, there is nothing worse than attending an in-law’s wedding that “cuts against the grain.”

Cutting down on unwanted surGoT_Wedding_Venue.pngprises is a key aspect of the on-demand economy. If you’re invited to a wedding venue as dark and drab as The Twins – and you’re concerned with the venue – as a guest of the event, what can you do?

At the “Red Wedding,” it was clear the bride’s and groom’s families were interspersed with one another during dinner. That crisis could have been averted with on-demand guest services personnel, where you can manage your guests and take control of your seating chart.

Another key quality of the on-demand economy is speed. In a war-torn region, posting a job request for security staff would be a good idea. Despite having an army nearby, you can expect these staffers to come ready with their Guard Card security requirements.  

GoT_Never_Forget.pngLast-minute requests handled via the on-demand economy can keep your costs low, not to mention your guests happy and safe, with greater certainty over the backgrounds of your staff versus traditional options. Certainly one thing is clear in Westeros, if your event doesn’t go according to plan, none of your guests will ever forget…

What are some other ways the on-demand economy would impact Game of Thrones?

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