• Wonolo

When we launched Wonolo in January 2014, we jumped headfirst into the on-demand economy. We approached businesses with a proposition: what if you didn’t have to screen hundreds of resumes, interview dozens of candidates, or pay staffing agencies fees to onboard your part-time or temporary workers? What if you could post a job for a few hours or a day of work in an online marketplace and have a pre-vetted pool of independent contractors happy to accept it in a matter of minutes? How would that make your business operations more agile, more flexible, more cost-effective?

More than two years later, every week continues to bring an abundance of news articles and debates that take aim at “on-demand” startups, usually focused on the classification of workers as independent contractors and bemoaning a perceived loss of worker protections. That debate is far from over. Some of the businesses we talked to told us that they wanted to try our on-demand staffing platform, but that their workforce policies required their temporary workers to be employees rather than independent contractors. Since our founding, we’ve been the innovator in the 1099 space and worked hard to be the leader in connecting companies with talent, but we thought long and hard about this feedback and set out to find a way to serve these businesses, as well.

taxforms.jpgThis week, Wonolo announced that our customers now have the flexibility of choice: access to both 1099 or W-2 workers via our on-demand staffing platform. We’re proud to be the first platform to offer the ability to source both 1099 and W-2 workers, and to further advance our mission to transform how businesses power their frontline workforce. Companies can more easily find qualified individuals, assign work, rate performance and manage payments from the same platform, while maintaining a lower cost structure and improving fill rate and time to fill for their on-demand staffing positions.

Since launching Wonolo’s on-demand staffing platform, we’ve seen how participants in this economy on the worker side love the flexibility around work that on-demand startups provide. They love being able to accept jobs that suit them when they want to work, and where, without the necessity of resumes and interviews. Wonoloers are able to accept both W-2 and 1099 jobs, and we’re pleased to now be able to bring W-2 jobs to the platform with companies that were not previously found on Wonolo – a win on all sides.

The response this week has been very encouraging, and we’re excited to continue to transform the world of work. To learn more about our W-2 and 1099 on-demand staffing options, schedule a demo below.