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If you pay attention to college football or basketball, you’re probably familiar with the pattern. At the end of every season, as speculation swirls about his candidacy for another coaching job elsewhere, a college coach professes his love for his current employer, his allegiance to his players and stresses that he and his family are happy right where they are. The next day, however, that coach accepts the very job he denied interest in just a week ago, and is now meeting the media to announce his love for his new school and his larger contract.

I mention this story to highlight the actions of one coach who didn’t follow the script. During his career, Bob Stoops, former head football coach at the University of Oklahoma, was a candidate for the head-coaching job at the University of Florida on at least three occasions. Though he called Florida his dream job – one offering more money, a higher national profile and a greater pool of talent for recruiting – Stoops chose to remain as OU’s head coach in Norman, OK on each occasion. Why? According to Stoops, he and his family were simply happy there.

Now, while most of us may never have the opportunity to reject one multi-million dollar job to stay at another, Wonoloers do have something in common with someone like Bob Stoops. That is, you can put your family and happiness first and your work second.

While the most important element of the gig economy is, obviously, the gig, as a Wonoloer you have control over your own work/life balance. You decide what jobs to take and when to take them. Need to be home when your kids come home from school or want to spend time with your family during a break? Or maybe you’re planning a dream vacation with your spouse? Whatever the reason, Wonolo gives you the power to focus on what makes you happy and schedule work around that.

For sheer flexibility, Wonolo can’t be beat. I enjoy the variety of sales, admin, delivery and warehousing jobs I have access to, and the broad range of hours and durations I can work,”  Wonoloer Frank H. said. “I can completely fill my schedule if I want, and I can always reserve the days off I need.

Frank isn’t the only Wonoloer who feels that way. In fact, in a recent survey, more than half of all Wonoloers say Wonolo gives them a chance to make extra money while at the same time providing more flexibility and control of their everyday lives.

With all that said, though Coach Stoops cited his family’s happiness, I also realize many of you are single and focused on other things. So what makes you happy? Is it the opportunity to pursue your real passion, such as art, cooking, running, or travel? Or is it simply the opportunity to work in a positive environment while enjoying the freedom to live your life on your own terms? As a Wonoloer, you have the final say on how you spend your time.

In football, it’s usually the coach that calls the plays and, depending on the situation, the options are either pass or run or, on fourth down, kick or go for it. And, in the gig economy, Wonolo offers you the opportunity to call the plays and live the life that makes you happy. Are you ready to go for it?