Britt Miller

Britt Miller

By definition, the “gig economy” is a workforce environment where short-term jobs, temporary contracts, and independent or freelance assignments have become more prevalent. As many companies have reduced their workforce to boost their bottom line, and other employers have leveraged technology (such as Wonolo) to better manage their workforce via on-demand staffing, the gig economy – and the number of people who work in it – continues to grow.

However, while it’s being embraced by both businesses and workers, some jobs are better suited to the gig economy than others. Thinking about dipping your toe into the pool? Then read on to see some of the jobs best-suited for the gig economy, and to see if your company, or your skills, are a good fit.

Delivery Jobs

Just as Wonolo set the standard for on-demand staffing, on-demand delivery jobs are sprouting everywhere, as technology has made it easier than ever to get just about anything delivered straight to your door. While traditional delivery businesses such as florists and pizza shops that work with seasonal or daily spikes can use gig economy workers to better manage their delivery workforce needs, it’s the non-traditional delivery businesses that are driving the growth of on-demand delivery jobs. Whether it’s groceries, a restaurant order, or almost any other commodity, if there’s an app to order it, there are gig economy workers ready to deliver it.

Labor Jobs

What traditional temp agencies once called “day labor” jobs, on-demand labor jobs in the gig economy have grown exponentially thanks to technology, and now encompass all kinds of work. Whether it’s to fill seasonal or unexpected demand in a warehouse, helping a moving company with an extra-big move, housecleaning, house sitting, babysitting, pet sitting, caregiving, lawn mowing, or simply performing odd jobs, chores, or doing someone’s grocery shopping, labor jobs are varied and plentiful in the gig economy.

Marketing Jobs

As larger companies have tightened up their payroll, a variety of on-demand marketing jobs have opened up for gig economy workers. These jobs can include brand ambassadors at trade shows, handing out samples at concerts or sporting events, or holding a sign in front of a retail establishment. And, if you want to stretch the definition of “marketing,” other marketing jobs that are ideal for gig economy workers include secret shoppers assignments and survey takers.

Event Staffing Jobs

Gig economy workers are a perfect solution for caterers, event planners, and event staffing companies. That’s because, with an on-demand workforce, event planners can scale up or down at will, whether it’s a small cocktail party or big conference. Event staffing jobs can include servers, hosts and hostesses, bartenders or beverage servers, food runners, food prep, dishwashers, clean up crew, and more. And, since the unexpected can always happen in event staffing, on-demand staffing apps (like Wonolo) can provide short notice access to a large gig economy workforce.

Administrative Jobs

Just about any administrative task can be outsourced to a gig economy worker. Whether it’s filing, answering phones or emails, administrative assistant, or serving as a virtual assistant, administrative jobs are ideal for the gig economy. Any busy professional who might need a little help to pick up the slack in the office can look to the gig economy workforce for fast, flexible administrative workers.

Ridesharing or Rental Jobs

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft have allowed just about any car owner to become a gig economy worker, while truly disrupting the traditional on-demand transportation industry. And car owners aren’t the only ones getting in on the gigs. Perhaps the easiest gig economy jobs have been created by apps that allow those who own a home, boat, or even specialized tools or machinery, to rent those items on-demand.

Though these gig economy job categories are fairly broad, the wide array of opportunities points to the fact that just about any business sector has a job that can be filled by a gig economy worker. If your business has a job or jobs that could use a gig worker, check out Wonolo’s pre-screened, on-demand workforce. And, if you want to be part of the gig economy workforce, download the Wonolo app and go to work on your schedule, today!