• Wonolo

Recently, I came upon a collection of name tags from various meetings, trade shows and networking events I’ve attended over the years. As I flipped through the assortment of lanyards and clip-on badges, I was struck by the number of roles I’ve played in my job as a writer. One badge listed me as an “editor” and another labeled me as a member of the media. At other events, I was identified as a “contractor,” “vendor,” “creator,” and “entrepreneur.”

Much like an actor, those are some of the roles I’ve played as a writer. However, regardless of the role I play at work or what any name tag might say, what I do is not who I am. To me, it’s more important to be a father, husband, and brother. Beyond those roles, I also answer to hockey Dad, bicyclist and, sometimes, even Labrador Dad. (Side note: I’d also like to play the role of “Zamboni Driver” someday, but that’s a blog for another time…)

I mention all of my roles in life because, as a Wonoloer, you have the same ability to prioritize the roles that are important to you, both in your personal life and at work. You can work when you need to and still keep your focus on being a parent and spending time with your family. Or maybe you want to pursue your studies, writing, music, art, acting, or entrepreneurship. Whatever role you’re passionate about, Wonolo can help you put life before your work.

Further, like an actor or actress, a Wonoloer can also choose the work roles you want to accept. Depending on the day, you can opt for administrative, warehouse, delivery, brand ambassador, event staff, retail and more. And, if you want to keep your focus on just one area, as a Wonoloer, the choice is yours.

As the on-demand economy continues to expand, the opportunities available to you will continue to grow as well. That’s because, as more companies discover the flexibility and personnel options Wonolo offers, they’ll realize significant savings in time and staffing costs. And, they’ll also discover that Wonoloers can step up for just about any role they have.

One case study, that of ‘Fun Apparel” e-tailer Tipsy Elves, demonstrated how quickly a company can grow to rely on Wonolo for its’ staffing needs. While initially seeking personnel only for a warehouse move, the Tipsy Elves team has come to rely on Wonoloers for a variety of roles every day as their business continues to grow.

“I posted the jobs and within an hour, all the positions were filled,” said Nicholas D., Tipsy Elves Warehouse Logistics Manager. “We didn’t plan on using Wonolo other than for the move, but the ease and smoothness of the experience really opened our eyes to the possibilities.”

If you compare the important roles we all play in our daily lives to the parts we play in the workforce, it’s easy to draw the parallel between actors and Wonoloers. Just like actors, Wonoloers can choose the roles they want to pursue, with the Wonolo app serving as a daily casting call for the gig economy. And, instead of working “on set,” you can work “on demand.” What role do you want to play today?