Britt Miller

Britt Miller

  • Wonolo

It’s a story as old as rock and roll itself and it’s been retold countless times in every generation and every genre. A hard-working band finally hits the big time, fame and fortune follow and then, after a few years, a messy breakup ensues. It happened to groups like the Beatles, the Eagles, the Clash, the Police, Oasis, Destiny’s Child, NWA, Blink-182, and the White Stripes to name a few. And, while the reasons for the ultimate demise of each band were different, they all had one thing in common; things changed.

What kind of changes? In a broad sense, we can start with the change in priorities that come with maturity, marriage and kids. Egos and entourages get bigger. Management, personnel and roles in the band can change and evolve over time. What started as a democracy might have sunk into dysfunction due to creative differences. Or, the band became a business and its employees could no longer work together in order to keep the company running.

So, what do you have in common with all these rock-and-rollers? Ultimately, it’s the fact that change affects all of us. The advantage you have as a Wonoloer, however, is that you can change your work life to help keep your personal life in tune.

If what you want out of life has changed, Wonolo can help you adjust to those changes. Have you gotten married or started a family and realized work is no longer your number one priority? Or maybe you simply need to work around your kids’ school schedule. Whatever the changes in your personal life may be, Wonolo can help you find the time to work that’s right for you.

As most of the broken-up band examples showed, family may not be the only reason you need to make changes to work. Many Wonoloers are working on degrees and others are working through career changes. Others are simply working through a “gap year” while trying to make the change that’s right for them.

Family and work aside, there are plenty of other reasons people become Wonoloers to help manage the unexpected changes in life and earn extra income. Roommates move out or rent can increase unexpectedly. Cars, computers, phones or home appliances can break down. Or maybe you just need a little extra spending money for the holidays. In other words, if you need some extra change in your pocket, Wonolo can help.

Finally, as things change in your life, how you use Wonolo can change too. You can work days, nights, weekends or any combination of all three. You can change the jobs you accept as well, whether it’s administrative, event staff, warehouse, brand ambassador, delivery, retail and more. And, if things change again, Wonolo will be ready for the next time life throws you a curve.

While artists such as David Bowie, Sam Cooke, 2Pac, Eminem, Jimmy Buffett, Jimi Hendrix and Taylor Swift have all sung about “changes,” you don’t have to be a rock star to be affected by change. Ultimately, life happens to all of us and, sometimes, it can really rock your world. Just remember that, as a Wonoloer, you’ve got the power to roll with the changes.