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In today’s dynamic economic environment, which revolves around collaboration, sharing, and flexibility, temp-to-hire staffing is more relevant, stable, and beneficial than ever before for workers and businesses alike. Whether you’re a worker or a business owner, there’s something here for you: Read on to learn more about the many benefits of working in a temp-to-hire position, as well as bringing on a worker into these positions.

If you’re a business…

Temp-to-hire workers give you the ability to assess whether you truly need another worker, especially one in that designated position.

This gives you flexibility and the ability to figure out exactly the level of staffing your company needs.1

Temp-to-hire staffing gives you the ability to scale up staff quickly when you need to during a busy time for your business.

This eliminates the stress of searching for full-time workers during this time period or overworking current employees and lets you adjust to workload fluctuations.2

Temp-to-hire staffing gives you the opportunity for real-time vetting of potential full-time candidates.

By bringing someone on in a temp position, you are able to understand more about them in a workplace setting than is conveyed in a job interview. This way, you get the added assurance that a candidate is the best possible fit.3

Temp-to-hire staffing allows you to work with great staffing platforms.

This can often make finding the right talent a lot simpler and gives a double vetting process for candidates. It also provides the opportunity to build a long-term, positive relationship with the staffing provider to improve outcomes on both ends.4



If you’re a job seeker…

Temp-to-hire positions provide a “trial period” for a job.

In this time period, you can see if a company and its culture are truly right for you to ensure that it would be a great fit for a potential full-time job there. While you are being evaluated as a potential full-time hire, you are also evaluating the company itself for your own interests just as closely.5

Temp-to-hire positions provide great networking opportunities.

Even if you do not continue on to a full-time position at the company, people can see the way you work and give you referrals to other people and companies. It’s always great to add to your list of contacts.6

Temp-to-hire positions are fantastic resume builders.

In these positions, you are given the opportunity to learn new skills and add experience to your CV without the commitment of a full-time position.7

Temp-to-hire positions are a tried and true way to get your foot in the door in certain companies or industries.

Even if you don’t continue on to a full-time position at a company, you can be referred to similar companies and get to see what an industry values with respect to its workforce.8

Temporary work isn’t necessarily that “temporary” anymore.

The length of temp positions has increased significantly since the recession, and more and more full-time offers are being made.9


Regardless of whether you’re a worker or a business, the benefits of trying out a temp-to-hire role are clear. Wondering how to get started?

Contact us today to learn about our newest product feature, the Hire Button, and how you can hire Wonoloers into permanent part-time and full-time positions at the click of a button.



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