• Wonolo

In the continuing series of why we love what we do, we made Wonolo initially with the tagline “Prioritize your passions over your paychecks” with artists, musicians, stay-at-home-parents, students, athletes, etc in mind. People who have something they truly love and want to work to live, not live to work. In fact, here is our (somewhat cheesy, somewhat embarrassing, and completely homemade) video speaking to that.


Well, Alex is the living representation of this. An artist who loves what he does – but like many up and coming in the space, you could label him a starving artist. He work is original, creative, and will one day make him rich and famous. But for now, in order to focus on his art the bills need to get paid.


Half a year ago, Alex used Wonolo for the first time and ever since been using it on and off to get the money he needs to focus on what he really wants to do – paint fantastic art. He told us “You guys have literally freed me of financial burden and made my life so much more enjoyable,” a month in and that warmed our hearts – and a lit a fire under us to help others experience the same thing.


Here is a piece of art Alex created inspired by Wonolo.
Wonolo Artwork