• Wonolo

Wonolo has made it possible for Wonoloers across the US to maintain a flexible schedule while earning extra money to help them achieve their personal goals. Since our founding in 2014, Wonolo has worked hard to provide Wonoloers with the resources to keep them happy and safe. We were the first gig-economy platform to offer Occupational Accident Insurance to protect Wonoloers from the financial drain of a work related accident. Now, Wonolo is proud to announce our partnership with Stride Health to provide Wonoloers access to affordable healthcare.

Forming this partnership was important to the entire Wonolo team. Wonolo believes that hard-working Wonoloers should enjoy the flexibility that our platform provides, while having access to health insurance benefits. Traditionally, health insurance was a benefit provided by employers to full-time employees. Thanks to programs like the Affordable Care Act, more gig-economy workers and other people working part-time have access to health insurance.

Wonolo’s partnership with Stride Heath makes it easier for Wonoloers to benefit from health insurance plans provided under the  Affordable Care Act. Stride Health is a free platform that offers Wonoloers  access to hundreds of government-regulated and standardized health care plans through their healthcare platform. By using Stride Health, Wonoloers with receive guidance throughout the entire healthcare selection process.

Wonoloers who sign-up with Stride will receive help with locating discounts and other monthly subsidies that most people may overlook. With subsidies, health insurance for some Wonoloers will be less expensive than an internet service bill. Stride will also provide Wonoloers with year-round support from their health advisors and exclusive pharmacy deals. By using Stride Health, Wonoloers can locate a plan that fits their budget and that helps protect against the financial perils of possible medical emergencies.

Our new partnership with Stride Health is just one of the many perks that the Community team has planned for Wonoloers. Be on the lookout for new promotions and incentives created to keep Wonoloers happy and to make Wonolo the number one gig-economy platform.

To get started today, please visit our personalized Stride Health page at: https://wonolo.stridehealth.com/. Open Enrollment runs from November 1st to December 15th, so be sure to check out Stride Health today. Wonolo is excited to provide Wonoloers with access to health insurance through Stride. Happy Wonoloing!