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What is Wonolo?

Wonolo is a software company that has created and maintains an online marketplace for jobs that connects businesses with workers who are seeking short-term jobs all over the U.S. Wonolo stands for “Work Now Locally,” which reflects our goal to connect workers looking for opportunities with businesses in their area.  

Wonolo was founded to change the way that businesses and workers connect. In the past, companies typically had to choose between doing all the recruiting and hiring themselves or using a traditional staffing firm to find workers. Both of these options are often time-consuming, slow, and costly, leading to long wait times and unfilled jobs. The founding team here at Wonolo knew there had to be another way to connect businesses with temporary workers seeking short-term jobs. 

Here at Wonolo, we use technology to quickly connect experienced workers with open jobs in their area. We connect individuals with flexible opportunities to earn income, learn new skills, and find the work that is right for them. At the same time, we help companies save money by connecting them with talented people within minutes. No more seasonal slowdowns or unstaffed busy periods — Wonolo helps people who are looking for work connect with companies that have opportunities at just the right moment. 

Limitations of Traditional Staffing Platforms

Traditional staffing platforms have some limitations when it comes to serving companies that are looking to fill a high volume of frontline worker jobs quickly. The first major issue is that it can take weeks for traditional staffing services to find candidates and fill jobs for your company. If you have a spike in demand that comes up overnight, you need workers right away, not weeks away. 

Another issue is that traditional staffing agencies often fill jobs for W-2 employees, not independent contractors. This can result in a  lack of flexibility, and may not be the right fit for the types of jobs your company is looking to fill. 

What Makes Wonolo Different

Wonolo is not a staffing firm, and it differs from traditional staffing firms in many ways. Wonolo’s job marketplace is “on-demand,” meaning that the Wonolo platform can quickly connect companies with workers whenever and wherever they need them.  Some may refer to this as “on-demand staffing.”

Wonolo works with companies in a wide array of industries, including warehousing, delivery, merchandising, event staffing, food service, administration, and more. And customers and workers use the Wonolo platform in cities all over the U.S., so you aren’t boxed into one job type or one area. For example, if you have on-demand staffing needs in Dallas, Texas, you can find what you need with Wonolo. 

Wonolo is Technology First 

Wonolo’s all-in-one on-demand job marketplace is solving the commonly accepted pain points of temporary staffing — time and cost. Wonolo uses a unique technology platform to connect companies with temporary workers who are ready to get to work within minutes. 

For business representatives, the Wonolo Pro App is tailor-made to allow you to find workers and manage your posted jobs easily, right from your phone. We have created features that allow business representatives to find the workers they need quickly. You can mark workers to whom you want to offer additional work as “preferred” from the Wonolo dashboard, so it is easy to find them and offer work to them again. You can also get a snapshot of all the jobs you have in progress, unfilled, upcoming, and approved, so you can see the big picture as you manage your posted jobs. We’re passionate about solving problems with a technology platform that enables people to choose work that works for them, instead of the other way around.

Wonolo Up Connects Workers With Portable Perks

One topic that often comes up when thinking about working as an independent contractor is benefits. Workers may need (and love) the flexibility and discretion that comes from working as an independent contractor, but without the security of some benefits, it may not seem like an option.

With the wellbeing of the Wonolo community in mind, Wonolo partners with businesses through Wonolo Up to connect Wonoloers with portable health benefits, insurance, discounts from retailers, and more. Wonoloers can also accrue flex time off if they meet certain thresholds. These perks create big incentives for workers to find work with Wonolo and stay motivated.

Wonolo is the Future of Staffing

At Wonolo, we recognize the barriers that make it difficult for people to find fulfilling work and for companies to find quality workers. We believe that there’s a better way to connect people and jobs. A transparent way that brings together people from diverse backgrounds. An equitable way that aims to make broad job opportunities available to everyone. A versatile way that supports flexibility for workers and businesses alike. That’s why Wonolo exists. If you are a worker looking for a new opportunity or a company looking for on-demand staffing solutions, look no further than Wonolo.