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The gig economy is thriving and we’re delighted that more and more of you are choosing to work through the Wonolo marketplace. As you know, Wonolo matches on-demand workers like you with businesses who can use your skills and talents.

Wonolo is fast becoming the temporary staffing solution of choice for hundreds of businesses, providing plenty of opportunities for Wonoloers to make a full-time or side income from the platform. We wanted to find out more about on-demand workers like you — why you work through Wonolo, how its helping you out, and what you want from the platform.

In 2017 we completed a survey of Wonoloers, and nearly 1,400 of you responded! Here’s what we learned.

What We Wanted to Know

We asked questions across several different categories, including demographics, motivations for joining Wonolo, job preference, how many hours you’re working, your hourly wage, commuting, job opportunities, apps used, and the changes you want to see. We’ll explore each of these below.

Demographics of Wonolo

Wonolo appeals to workers of many different backgrounds, ages, and cultures.

  • Family 16% of Wonoleors are married, 27% have children, and the average age is 37.
  • Education — 12% of Wonoloers have a graduate degree, 27% have a four-year degree, 42% completed some college, and 16% just completed high school.
  • Location — Wonoloers were mainly located in the San Francisco Bay area, followed by Los Angeles and SoCal, New York, Chicago, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, and Texas.
  • Ethnicity — we’re pleased to have a diverse range of people using our platform. 33% of Wonolers are African-American, 27% White, 22% Hispanic, 9% Asian, and 8% Other.

Reasons for Joining Wonolo

There were plenty of reasons for wanting to use Wonolo to find work. These included:

  • Half of respondents want to earn extra income.
  • 47% were previously unemployed.
  • 28% want to learn new skills.
  • 27% were previously under-employed.
  • 24% wanted more flexible working opportunities.
  • 22% believe Wonolo will help them raise their families (flexibility and extra income).
  • 18% want to work with others.
  • 14% want to take care of their parents.

Job Preferences, Type of Work, and Shift Lengths

Next, we asked about the type of work you have been doing, and what your preferences are.

  • 66% complete longer shifts of 4 to 8 hours.
  • 52% complete shorter shifts of 1 to 4 hours.
  • 51% work in customer service.
  • 45% complete multi-day jobs for the same company.
  • 38% work in warehouses or administration.
  • 34% take part in retail work.
  • 27% are involved with catering and event work.
  • 24% are delivery drivers.
  • 22% are doing sales work.

87% of you want to be working more jobs through Wonolo each week — that’s something we’re improving all the time. 61% of you are looking for full-time opportunities, up from 51% in our 2016 survey.

Hours Worked Each Week with Wonolo

We wanted to know how much you were using the platform. 60% of you are working up to five hours a week. We know you want a lot more work, because you said that on average you want 27 hours more of work a week, up from 20 hours in 2016. There’s a definite shift away from workers occasionally using the Wonolo platform to a desire for constant work on a daily basis.

As we bring more companies onto Wonolo, we expect demand to increase across all locations, areas, and industries.

Commuting with Wonolo

Wonoloers don’t mind traveling to jobs, but they don’t want to go too far.

  • 14% of you commuted 1 to 5 miles.
  • 27% commuted 5 to 10 miles.
  • 37% commuted 10 to 20 miles.
  • 18% commuted 20 to 490 miles.
  • 7% of Wonoloers commuted more than 40 miles (we salute you!)

Only a quarter of Wonoloers are willing to commute more than 20 miles to a job — that’s not surprising, and we’re working to develop more jobs in local markets. 70% of Wonoloers have access to a car, which should make commuting a little easier.

Hourly Wages with Wonolo

The average minimum wage for which Wonoloers are willing to work is $13.70 an hour. On average, Wonoloers were paid $2.50 an hour above minimum wage.

Searching for Job Opportunities

We were curious how people searched for job opportunities outside Wonolo.

  • 65% of people use Craigslist, the most popular option.
  • 58% view and apply through online job ads.
  • 50% use word of mouth referrals.
  • 48% use traditional staffing agencies.
  • 28% use other digital work platforms.
  • 18% use newspaper and traditional print advertising.

Did you know that you can refer other people to work through Wonolo and get a referral bonus for doing so? All you need is a referral code, and you’ll make $25 of someone uses it and works through us.

Apps Used on a Smartphone

We were curious what apps Wonoleors used, besides Wonolo, of course! The most popular apps, in descending order, were Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Gig / Employment apps, Email, YouTube, and Music Streaming. This shows just how much social media dominates people’s lives and we’re going to be doing more marketing through social media, including Instagram, this year.

Ways to Improve Wonolo

Finally, we asked you what we could do to make it better and easier to work through Wonolo. Here’s what you told us:

  • Many of you want to do more weekend working and would like greater job availability.
  • There’s lots of demand for a Spanish version of the Wonolo app and platform — 22% of our users are Hispanic or Latino.
  • Demand is also increasing for full-time job opportunities — that’s something we’re actively exploring.
  • Many of you want us to increase Wonolo’s presence through social media and job posting websites.
  • You enjoy working in customer service roles, and administration is also becoming more popular.
  • You really don’t want to travel more than 20 miles for a job, and who can blame you?

The good news is that we’re working on all of these areas. One of our main initiatives is bringing new businesses into the Wonolo marketplace. More businesses equals more jobs in different sectors, and hopefully means you won’t have to travel as far.

We’d like to thank all of the 1,400 people who responded to the survey — your feedback is invaluable to us enhancing and improving the platform, and making Wonolo the marketplace of choice for on-demand workers and forward-looking businesses.

Further Information on Making the Most of Wonolo

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