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Britt Miller

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With figures showing that 79% of Americans now do their shopping online, it’s more important than ever for brick and mortar retail spaces to do everything they can to compete with the growing online sector. An important aspect of this is keeping up staff morale, and as the face of your business, you need to create a working environment that keeps them motivated to deliver outstanding customer service.

In this article, we’ll be delving into the world of retail, shining the spotlight on how shop design can affect employee motivation. From out-dated decor to cluttered shop floors and messy till fronts, we’ll be giving you actionable tips on how you can utilize store design to keep staff inspired.

Mini makeovers

The financial outlay to refit a shop isn’t always a viable option, however, it doesn’t have to be a full refit or a huge expense. It’s entirely possible to make small, inexpensive changes to the store design that will still have a dramatic impact.

From a lick of paint on the walls to stripping back outdated decor inside and out, you can deliver a bright and fresh feel that will re-energize interiors and employees alike. A commitment to investing time and money in updating decor will demonstrate your desire to create a pleasant environment for staff, resulting in improved morale.

Store layout

Shop design layouts play a vital role in the customer experience, but don’t overlook how a well-designed layout can benefit staff, too. A dysfunctional layout can be frustrating and time consuming for employees, so show them some consideration when it comes to the floor setup.

Take the time to seek their views and gain some hands on input to make negotiating the shop floor easier and more efficient, while also keeping customer experience in mind. As a result, staff morale will be buoyed through a sense of involvement, and with different perspectives coming together, you may even find new ways of improving experiences for everyone.

More efficient payment points

From busy cafés to bustling homeware shops, your payment area is a focal design feature for staff and customers. A messy, overcrowded till area or inefficient payment process can be a serious drain on morale for staff, so put an emphasis on creating a sleek and slick till point that pleases everyone.

Whether it’s incorporating an optimized point of sale display or simply reviewing the queuing system, finding ways to create impactful till areas will all go towards keeping staff enthusiastic about their work – particularly if you give them the chance to get involved and have their say on what works best in store.

Wow-factor window displays

Image source: Unsplash

Eye-catching displays are an invaluable selling point within the retail sector, so use these design elements as a motivational tool for staff, as well as a lure for shoppers. Why not ask employees for their opinions and creative input on the design and execution for upcoming window displays?

Allowing them to put forward their creative ideas and see them in action will demonstrate that you value their expertise and trust them to take ownership of their work – all helping to keep them feeling motivated.

Maximized product promotions

In a retail environment, visual in store promotions can be a great way to increase sales and shift end-of-line stock. And having staff on board and eager to push these products can make a real difference. From highly visual and commanding promotional displays to in store positioning and product layouts, tap into the mindset of your workforce to find out what design elements they feel would work to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion and boost their enthusiasm.

Whether you’re a store manager for a small independent shop or a chain of outlets, it’s clear that shop design can have a significant effect on employee motivation. From a staff-friendly layout and a fresh new look to having a say in design decisions, creating an inclusive and engaging environment for staff is key to keeping them invested and inspired.