Driveline met a 7X increase in its temporary workforce and reduced costs by 37% during an unanticipated peak

The challenge

Meet a sudden spike in demand during COVID-19 crisis with reliable, temporary workers.

The result

  • Met a 7x increase in demand volume
  • Reduced costs by 37%
  • 24/7 coverage with real-time visibility

Driveline provides customized retail support programs to many Fortune Top 100 Retailers. They offer a variety of services such as merchandising, audits, updating store signage, display installations, category resets, fixture installation, and complete remodels. They are recognized as a leader in the space due to their unparalleled service offering.

In the past, Driveline has partnered with various staffing agencies for third-party labor, but they faced difficulty in finding quality workers and delivering on fill rate. This jeopardized their impeccable service and sometimes put them at contractual risk with customers. They were overspending to meet minimum staffing requirements, and it was a struggle to break even.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Driveline’s customer base of retailers sharply increased, seemingly overnight. They were getting urgent requests from multiple customers for projects requiring up to 50 people each. Using the Wonolo platform, Driveline was able to meet this 7x increase in demand within a few day’s notice, delivering when their customers needed it the most.

The team at Driveline knows first-hand that customer demand won’t wait. Wonolo is available 24/7, so they can post and update jobs right when they need them, keeping up with their customers and staying on time at their projects. Plus, they can track fill rates, pull reports, and analyze data in real time, across locations around the country.







“Wonolo has connected us to a lot of great local workers, some of whom have gone on to join Driveline as employees. It was a great way to identify people that could grow with us and contribute to our company and culture.”

David Orzolek, VP, Employee Relations

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