Flowers for Dreams used Wonolo to scale workers on the busiest holidays of the year

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The challenge

Seamlessly fulfill spikes in customer demand on Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

The result

  • Met a 50x increase in holiday activity
  • Brought recruiting in-house with Wonolo
  • Found preferred workers to use again

Whether it’s a one-off bouquet or a huge wedding or event, Flowers for Dreams is a full-stack flower business that provides locally crafted flowers at a fair price. From their exclusive grower relationships, to hydration, processing, design, wrapping, hand-written cards, and delivery, they control the supply chain with in-house operations to ensure a fantastic experience for the customer.

No other days of the year bring more customers than Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. As such, an up to 50X spike in business on these holidays calls for a lot more labor than the company normally requires. Recruiting hundreds of delivery drivers and operational support for two days of work was a logistical headache and an administrative nightmare. The company wondered if there was a better way to plan for a huge peak in demand on February 14, and use the same workers again in May.

Unlike traditional staffing agencies, Wonolo was able to solve for exactly that. “After our first time using Wonolo, we set up our Preferred Wonoloers — our favorite Wonoloers that had worked with us in the past — and would tap into that group first to bring back workers who knew our system and could hit the ground running,” said Flowers for Dreams Co-founder Joseph D.

Without Wonolo, Joseph added, the company wouldn’t have had a successful holiday. From the ranking algorithms that ensure the best workers get access to the job, to the high quality of the worker pool, Wonolo was able to give Flowers for Dreams everything it dreamed of.







“The Wonolo model allows Flowers for Dreams to not have to outsource any of our process and keep everyone in house, working with regular/trained team members who are focused on providing a product to the Flowers for Dreams standards.”

Joseph D., Co-founder

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