Smart Warehousing used Wonolo to revamp its people operations

The challenge

Move from a highly fragmented pool of local staffing agencies to a better solution for sourcing qualified talent.

The result

  • Found top talent to scale with business
  • Improved HR operational efficiency
  • Converted temp-to-hire workforce

Smart Warehousing is a warehousing and fulfilment services company (otherwise known as a Third Party Logistics Company, or 3PL) headquartered in Kansas City with locations throughout North America. The company recently revamped its people operations, moving from a localized, warehouse-to-warehouse specific operation to a centrally managed HR system. This led to simplified vendor management and cost savings, however, it created a few big challenges.

Smart Warehousing needed to find national staffing solutions that would be able to reliably solve problems across facilities. Wonolo helped with delivering the type of talent that was required for a fast-paced, frequently changing environment. The platform could deal with unpredictability to help Smart Warehousing exceed customer expectations and fill jobs with agility.

But Smart Warehousing also didn’t want to rely on temps forever, and were looking for a try-before-you-hire platform to bring in top talent. “Hiring Wonoloers has been great. It is cheap to convert and we don’t need to clear any number of hours. Typically after a month or so we are sure of the candidate and make the offer,” said Riley Trowbridge, the company’s HR coordinator.

Another unexpected benefit is that because Wonolo is so easy to work with, Smart Warehousing requires less manpower to acquire temp staff and work with staffing partners. Gone are the days of dealing with multiple managers in multiple locations to find people across Smart Warehousing’s nationwide system.







“We finally have flexibility in our staffing. When we have open positions, I have the power to go into Wonolo and set the job. There is a very fast response time from Wonoloers. And I have full transparency and control over that job so I know what is happening in real time.”

Riley Trowbridge, HR Coordinator

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