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As Wonolo reaches to more corners of the country, we’d thought it would be interesting to highlight the different areas where we have customers. You may be looking to relocate or finding work opportunities elsewhere, so looking into these stats could help determine if a new city is right for you. Let’s dive into Lansing, Michigan and look at what could be your next opportunity!

Lansing, Michigan quick stats

Great cost of living due to affordable housing

Aside from the available work, Lansing also offers a great cost of living and is significantly lower than the national average by nearly 10%. With a lower than average rent, a better quality of life is much more attainable here along with job opportunities that are available! Below is a graph that shows the average cost of rent based on the number of bedrooms in Lansing. 

Average rent by bedroom size

Attractive wages 

In Lansing, Michigan, it is possible to make a comfortable living supporting yourself and your family. So not only is the cost of living cheaper, but the wages in Lansing will allow you to do and achieve more. Individuals on Wonolo earn an average of $13.70 per hour, which is well above the minimum wage and living wage. 

*What individuals were paid through Wonolo from May 1 2019 to April 30 2020

**What is a living wage? MIT defines the living wage as the “local wage rate that allows residents to meet minimum standards of living.” 

Shorter commute

The average Lansing resident’s commute is just 19 minutes, less than the statewide average of 24.3 minutes. This allows better access to job opportunities in the area, without needing to travel far. For those with families and loved ones, there is less time sacrificed commuting to and from work, which allows for a better work-life balance.

Fun things to do in Lansing

Festival City

Lansing may well be the Festival Capital of Michigan, with more than 60 events taking place across the city all year long. Highlights include the family-friendly Michigan Nordic Fire Festival in February, complete with a Viking ship-burning, spear-throwing competitions, fire dancers and a mead hall; Mighty Uke Day in May, a celebration of the ukulele with workshops and singalongs; and Michigan BluesFest in September, featuring free music from stages throughout Old Town.

Hawk Island Park

This is an all-seasons park with trails & swimming. Hawk Island Park is open year-round and has many activities you can do from a rowboat and pedal boat rental, a swimming beach, Splash Pad®, picnic areas and shelters, sand volleyball, horseshoes, paved accessible walkways (1.5 miles) and fishing docks and a concession stand. During the winter you can enjoy snow tubing or enjoy the lodge with something warm to drink. You can check out more activities here

What Wonoloers in Lansing have to say

Some Wonoloers commute into Lansing, like Mark. He said: 

“I drove from Wisconsin to Michigan to pick up jobs on Wonolo. It’s like being paid to learn new skills and make new friends! It’s awesome, the best job model for me.”

Whether you’re in the area, thinking about commuting or wanting to relocate, Lansing is a great place to create and build a career. You’ll even learn new skills and gain more experience. It’s affordable and your quality of life will only grow!