Amber Griffin

Amber Griffin

  • Blue Collar Workers Dallas TX

We regularly ask Wonoloers how they’re navigating the economy and our latest survey shows that many have been relying on unemployment insurance. 

Right now, millions of Americans are unemployed and receiving unemployment insurance. And many of those Americans – including many Wonoloers – were receiving an additional $600 weekly unemployment insurance bonus. But that weekly bonus lapsed ended at the end of July. 

As Congress and the White House continue to debate extending the weekly bonus, we surveyed 649 workers active on Wonolo between Jul 23 and Aug 6 to ask them about this and other things affecting them. 

About 61% of Wonoloers say they will resume working if Congress doesn’t extend the weekly $600 unemployment stimulus bonus. The report also shows that many hourly workers (32%) applied for unemployment benefits in the last month but only about half (17%) have actually received benefits.

What isn’t clear is what hourly workers will do for childcare when they return to work. Most workers (60%) revealed they don’t expect to send their children back to school/daycare until 2021.  And 41% said they’re spending more on childcare now than they were last year.

We will be releasing more details from the survey in the coming weeks. To see some of our other surveys, please click here.