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Whether you’re a new or experienced Wonoloer, you’ve likely had that moment where you looked at a Wonolo job description and said, “I’ve never done that before.” Fortunately, while Wonolo offers you an opportunity to work on your schedule and try new jobs, it also offers you the flexibility to pursue experience in other areas too. And, as you read these tips on how you can gain experience in a new field, just remember that Wonolo has your back while you build experience and build up your résumé!

Obviously, the first step to getting experience in a new field is to find the field that you want to experience. And whether it’s a Wonolo job, a side hustle, or a different industry altogether, there are plenty of ways you can get experience while you get your foot in the door.


Working as an intern with a company in your chosen career field is an ideal way to gain hands-on experience and get a feel for that industry. While traditionally reserved for students, today many new graduates and new entries into the workforce are also applying for internships. Note that, while many internships do offer a salary or lump payment, others do not. The upside to any paid or unpaid internship, however, is the experience you’ll gain, the contacts and references you can add, and even the potential for a job offer from that company.

If you do pursue an internship, remember that Wonolo can help in a variety of ways. The experience and references you gain from your Wonolo gigs can nicely burnish your résumé when you apply for an internship. And, if you land the internship of your dreams, but you still need to pay the rent, Wonolo lets you work and earn when you’re not working as an intern. Finally, if you find a Wonolo niche that appeals to you, then every Wonolo job can serve as a paid internship that also allows you to gain experience and make contacts in that industry too.


If you already have the skills but lack the experience, then some side hustling, freelance work is a great way to demonstrate your abilities and get that experience. Note that, while you may have to do your first few freelance jobs for little or no pay, the experience you get will immediately pay off with a beefier résumé. And, in addition to giving you experience, freelance work can also allow you to see how companies work while you show a potential employer how well you can fit with their company. And, even if a freelance job doesn’t lead to full-time employment today, the contacts you make can lead to more job opportunities, and more experience, tomorrow.

Remember that, when pursuing freelance work, Wonolo can also help pay the bills while you build your résumé. As your freelance schedule may vary, you can always pick up work with Wonolo to fill the gaps.

Volunteer Your Time and Skills

The fastest, easiest way to get experience in your career field is to donate your time and skills to a non-profit. To get started, reach out to an organization that interests you, check out their website, or simply volunteer for an event and see where you can help. Not only do you help a good cause and gain experience by providing your skills and expertise, but pro bono work also helps you get involved with your community while you make more contacts and references. And experience, community involvement, and good references will always help your résumé stand out from the crowd.

While pro bono is essentially Latin for “working for free,” Wonolo means “work now locally.” And when you’re not volunteering your time and skills to gain experience, you can still work when you’ve got the time and get paid with Wonolo.


With Wonolo, you can begin to establish a solid base of work experience. That’s because the hard work you put in with Wonolo not only gets you high ratings within the Wonolo community, but it also shows a potential employer your reliability, flexibility, and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. And, while it may not be directly related to your end goal, your Wonolo experience will begin to prepare for the career of your future.

Finally, remember that no matter what career field you choose, building experience takes time. And, whether you’re interning, freelancing, or volunteering, if you still need to work while you’re working toward your career goal, you can always find jobs that work with your schedule with Wonolo!