• Wonolo

This one goes out to all the ladies out there.

I want to begin by stating that we as human beings should always support each other, and for the most part do – despite what some popular headlines or personal interactions may suggest.

Yet still, the traditional systems for upward mobility in the workplace often pit women against each other. It’s bad enough the spaces at the table are limited, how could one ever make room for another? Easy. Here are 5 ways women can support each other in the workplace:

1.) Stay mindful. We’ve been told to believe that space is limited at the top, but this is simply not true. If you think about any woman role model in history, you’ll notice one major trend: these women not only broke the glass ceilings of their time, they kept the door open for other women behind them. This is not an exclusive narrative, it’s the standard. When you take a conscious stance to support the women around you, you’ll start to notice endless opportunities to send the elevator back down.

2.) Foster your community. While building community takes a little more effort, it’s so worth it in the end. Little things like setting aside time for ladies chats can have lasting benefits to team building, and foster that feeling of togetherness that often gets lost in the chaos of the work day.

3.) Give a compliment. There is no denying the psychology behind giving a compliment. Compliments are known to help people improve work productivity and they help to diminish self-doubts for the recipient. Unfortunately, women are notoriously bad at accepting them. I like to think this is changing, but if you fall into that lot of ladies try catching yourself next time you cringe at a compliment. A simple shift in mindset, that you indeed do deserve it, can make a world of difference for you and others who see these exchanges in action.

4.) Become a mentor. As you rise in the ranks of your career, you inevitably will have others take notice. Try to remember when you would have wanted someone to be there for you. Also, what good is power without purpose? There are many lessons we learn along the way, that can often times feel isolating, and when we are able to share those moments with others we can make it a little bit easier for all to come.

5.) Donate to the cause. There are SO many incredible organizations around the world working towards equality for all. Here are a few to get you started:

As you’ve probably caught onto, all 5 tips listed really apply to anyone in the workplace. When we support each other and those around us, we all win.

This blog was inspired by a recent visit to HQ from our investor, and all around maven business women, Jess Lee who came to talk to our entire team on how women, and men, can support each other in the workplace.

Jess Lee of Sequioa Capital comes to visit the team at our SF HQ office.