Hey everyone! My name is Iris and I’m a Wonoloer in Texas. I’m honored to be the winner of February’s Wonoloer of the Month. I’m originally from the East Coast but moved out here to be closer to my mother. She was diagnosed with cancer, but is now recovering and cancer-free!

Trying to find a job here in Texas was a challenge for me. With my background, I was never given the chance to show my efforts with my skills and work ethic. I was judged by my past. However, that all changed when I found Wonolo!

I’ve been able to work any time I’ve wanted to since the day I downloaded the Wonolo app. There have been opportunities and endless options for me to choose from. Now, I’d rather be a Wonoloer working different jobs than a person staying in one job. I like having the power to work when or where I want.

What surprised me the most about Wonolo was the variety of different companies posting jobs on the app. Many of these companies don’t have any positions available, so working a Wonolo job with them is a way to network and get into their circles. Wonolo is the new way for companies to find hard-working people to do the work needed.

I also like how there’s flexibility if I have to change my schedule. Life sometimes happens and I have to make adjustments, so being able to withdraw from a job periodically has helped me. Wonolo is also flexible for their customers. Sometimes a shift changes, but we as Wonoloers still get some pay. Wonolo has been able to look at the situation from all angles so everyone can benefit.

One of my dreams is to be able to work Wonolo jobs and travel. I’m from the East Coast, and after COVID, I’d like to be able to pick up and visit my family there and work Wonolo jobs.

Thanks for taking the time to hear about my experience. I love being a Wonoloer and am so glad this opportunity came my way. Tell your friends about the app, so we can all keep growing!