Hello everyone! My name is Kostadin and I’m a Wonoloer in New York City! Before I found Wonolo, I was a salesperson on the floor for an electronics retail company. Unfortunately, I was laid off from my job there and became unemployed for a couple of months. 

As most people do, I was scrolling through Facebook one day and I randomly saw Wonolo. It seemed interesting and after some research, I downloaded the app and accepted my first job.

Not needing to send an application, write a resume, or go through an interview was revolutionary for me! I had already been on the job hunt for a while. I applied to be a stock person at a grocery store and went through THREE interviews and still didn’t get the job. With Wonolo, there was no fuss about working. I could simply find a job, arrive, work, and get paid.  

Overall, I love Wonolo! It’s a genius idea. Sometimes I work just for gaining new experience and not because of the money. I love learning new things, trying new jobs, and getting to know different people. There’s no other place that gets me this type of experience. I now have so many different skills and I’m challenging myself to try new things. 

If you’re someone who likes changes, gets bored easily, or wants to find new challenges, then try Wonolo! You’ll get a ton of new experiences and get paid while doing so.