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We’re excited to jump into how to refer someone to Wonolo and why it can benefit you. Referring is important, because it helps Wonolo grow. If more people are on the Wonolo app looking for work, then we can find more customers to provide those jobs. 

Helping others to find fun and flexible work is important. A lot of people are out of work right now and they may not know about Wonolo. If you take the time to share with them about the app and your experience, this could be a life changing opportunity. We all need to share the wealth, and referring people to Wonolo is a perfect way to do that!

Another benefit to referring people to Wonolo is the bonus you both can receive. Both you and your referral earn a $10 bonus after they have completed their first Wonolo job. Here’s how you can find your referral code.

Open the app and click the menu on the top left corner. Tap on the words “Invite Friends.”

You will see a description of the referral bonus program. You can click any of the 4 icons below (text, Facebook, email, or Tweet), and a message with your personal referral link and code will be populated.

This is what the message will look like. 

We encourage you to send the message to anyone you know! This could be friends, family, neighbors, old co-workers, people you meet at other job sites, or even through job opportunity Facebook groups. If anyone uses your referral code or link, you both have the opportunity to receive the $10 bonus!

To keep things fun and competitive, you can also check out the referral leaderboard. These are the top Wonoloers who have referred people over the course of the month.

We are excited for you to share about Wonolo to even more people you know. Growing our Wonoloer community will only lead to more jobs on our app, which is a great win-win for everyone!