Why I Joined Wonolo with Sarah

Avatar photo Wonolo on Nov. 16, 2021

Let's meet Sarah! Hi I'm Sarah! I am a Senior Program Manager on our Revenue Strategy and Operations team, and I'm based in Phoenix, Arizona. What was the first thing that caught your eye about Wonolo? I was initially drawn [...]

Engineering at Wonolo with Kat Butler

Avatar photo Wonolo on Nov. 4, 2021

Let's meet Kat! Hi, I'm Kat. I've been at Wonolo since January and I've been loving every minute of it. I'm on the engineering team and I work on our iOS app, and I'm located in Ottawa, Canada. What's the [...]

Why I Joined Wonolo with Margot

Avatar photo Wonolo on Oct. 14, 2021

Let's meet Margot! Hi, I'm Margot Moellenberg and I live here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, and I am Wonolo's first Chief Financial Officer. What was the first thing that caught your eye about Wonolo? The thing that caught my eye [...]

Benefits of Wonolo Up

Avatar photo Monica Plaza on Oct. 12, 2021

Looking for Providers of Portable Benefits and Jobs That Offer Living Wages? It’s Time to “Wonolo Up” Using the Wonolo platform to find jobs comes with advantages you won’t get anywhere else. When you sign up to use the platform, [...]

Meet the Wonolo Onsite Team: Synita

Avatar photo Wonolo on Sep. 29, 2021

How did you hear about Wonolo? I heard about Wonolo through a Facebook advertisement. What surprised you when you first accepted a Wonolo job? What surprised me the most about accepting my first job was how quickly I got paid. [...]

My First Job

Yong Kim on Sep. 27, 2021

My very first job was as a newspaper delivery boy for one of the largest newspaper companies in Korea. Although I was getting paid only $3 per hour, I really wanted the new Nintendo and this was the only job [...]

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